יום שישי, 16 בספטמבר 2016

Ronnie's Wedding Speech, Sept 2016

Hi, My name is Annie and I am Ronnie's big sister. I'm sure you could tell by our resemblance. 
First, Id like to congratulate Lindsay and Ronnie and thank all of you for coming to celebrate with us. You've come form around the world to enjoy the festivities – we have here representatives from Germany, Israel, NYC, The bay area, LA and even from Simi Valley. So thank you. We are very excited . 
When Ronnie told me she was getting married, I was a little surprised. Also, I couldn’t really understand why.....after all she is 12. Oh....wait, no. She's 30.......I keep forgetting this. My little sister is not so 'little any more'. But still, I was kind of expecting a Little Mermaid party theme going on 
When Ronnie was born, I was already 12 yrs old. I guess my parents weren't really satisfied with what they had at home and decided third time s a charm.....and indeed they hit the jackpot with her. 
I can boast and say she'd always followed in my footsteps but actually she turned it up a notch or more precisely knocked it out of the ballpark each time. If I did my undergrad at one of the UC's she went ahead and did her masters. If I adopted a dog in San Francisco She adopted a cheetah in South America. If I was an instructor in basic training in the Israeli Army, She became a sniper on the front lines. So yes, she's the 'good' one in our family and dare I even say without looking my parents in the eye....probably the favorite one too. 
mom, dad. I've learned to deal with it :) (after lots of therapy) 
And now Lindsay, you are joining our family. We could not be any happier. But that only means I am going further down the totem pole. You are every Jewish mother's dream – educated and super smart, you come from a great family, you love dogs and....and you are super hot. 
But seriously Lindsay, coming into our family I wanted you to know we are just like any other family out there - 
We have the kooky but super loving uncle 
The high maintenance sister in law (that would probably be me) 
The pushover brother in law ( this is the sister in laws husband) 
A bunch of really loud kids (most of which are mine) 
And don’t get me started about your new in laws.....because they are right hre and they are my parents. 
Lindsay, you are perfect for my sister . I've heard that girls tend to look for someone that resembles their father......luckily that is not the case here :) You make Ronnie light up, go above and beyond and have become her whole family especially since the rest of us are so far away from her. So, thank you. 
Ronnie, Lindsay, separately, you are two special and remarkable people but together you are complete 
Going forward, both of you are very fortunate, not because of love, compatibility or taking long walks on the beach together, that too, but more importantly, For the rest of your lives 
You will not have to deal with the toilet seat being left up 
Find nose hair clippings in the sink 
Have to build a man cave in the basement 
And last but not least, when lost....you will both be happy to ask for directions. 
So, starting out, you are already ahead of the game. 
I'd like to raise my glass and on behalf of my family, mom and dad, my brother ori, our other halves, kids, cousins, and the rest of the Steinitz gang and wish for you to cherish your time with each other, love one another and stand together, communicate, put your love and family first and be blessed with a loving friendship and partnership. 
Here's to love, laughter and happily ever after.

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